Chris Magerl

Chris Magerl

singer/songwriter meets acoustic punk


a voice. a guitar.
tons and tons of shows with his punk and indie bands all across europe and canada. a solo record. a second solo record. more tours. more shows. two words. one name. chris magerl.

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Chris Magerl's music can be described as a bridge between very slow and melancholic tunes and
energetic, rocking songs that lay the foundation for very poetic and picturesque lyrics that tell stories
about people’s everyday lives.

He did several tours through europe and canada, played festivals such as the sziget festival or the frequency festival and also supported acts like frank turner, scott matthew and kevin devine.

Alleinunterhalter: Solokünstler/Alleinunterhalter
Band/Ensemble: Band (Rock/Pop/Metal/Punk/Blues/...)

Anzahl Künstler von 1 bis 5.

Vorwiegend Eigenkompositionen

Punk: Punk (Allgemein)
Sonstiges: singer/songwriter-acoustic punk

Öffentliche Veranstaltungen: Konzert/Festival

Gesang: Gesang (Allgemein), Männerstimme
Saiteninstrument (Zupfinstrument): Saiteninstrument/Zupfinstrument (Allgemein), Akustik Gitarre
Tasten- und Knopfinstrument: Tasten- und Knopfinstrument (Allgemein), Klavier

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