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Mark Knopfler‘s musical work and the evolvement of his musical genius spans over decades, starting with his earliest known performance in 1965 and followed by an outstanding and incredibly successful career with the „Dire Straits“ from the late seventies up to the new millennium. After the „Dire Straits“ split up, he cut his own path and worked on his solo projects as well as on several movie scores.

The „Junkie Dolls“ respectfully pay tribute to Mark‘s musical approach, style and philosophy, while keeping in mind that every human, and therefore every musician, has his own unique fingerprint. They put a lot of effort into capturing the sound, feel and technique of Mark‘s music, thus making them not just another cover band project. The Junkie Dolls play the music of Mark Knopfler – and, additionally, as being, of course, influenced by his music, also use it as an inspiration for their own material – lyrically and musically.

Band/Ensemble: Ensemble/Musikgruppe

Anzahl Künstler: 6.

Coverband / Interpret mit Eigenkompositionen (Mark Knopfler)

Rock: Rock (Allgemein)

Firmen Events: Firmen Events (Allgemein)
Private Veranstaltungen: Private Veranstaltungen (Allgemein)
Öffentliche Veranstaltungen: Unterhaltungsmusik (Fest), Straßenfest
Sonstiges: Kultur Veranstaltungen

Gesang: Gesang (Allgemein), Männerstimme
Saiteninstrument (Zupfinstrument): E-Bassgitarre, E-Gitarre, Ukulele, Akustik Gitarre, Saiteninstrument/Zupfinstrument (Allgemein)
Schlaginstrument: Schlagzeug, Schlaginstrument (Allgemein)
Tasten- und Knopfinstrument: Orgel, Keyboard, Tasten- und Knopfinstrument (Allgemein), Klavier

Verstärkt (PA/Tonanlage vom Künstler gestellt). Beschallung für bis zu 100 Personen.

Bandstatus: Semiprofi

Diverses: Live

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